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Middlesex Recovery - Chelmsford MA


Middlesex Recovery of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, provides outpatient treatment options for people with opioid use disorder utilizing FDA-approved medications and proven methods to give enrolled patients the very best chance at recovery. With a compassionate staff and experienced, knowledgeable medical providers overseeing each patient’s individually curated treatment, everyone who comes through our doors is treated with respect and dignity. We recognize that addiction is a chronic condition and look to deliver the highest standards of care available to give hope to those who want to take control back over their lives from addiction and begin the healing process.

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder in Massachusetts


Opioid addiction is a complex disease that requires a dimensional approach to treatment using both medications and other forms of therapy. Our Chelmsford location offers MAT, or medication-assisted treatment, for enrolled patients using FDA-approved medicines like buprenorphine to help ward off the often-uncomfortable effects of withdrawal. With frequent visits to our office, patients will have access to medical staff and providers regularly, allowing for meaningful communication about the various phases of MAT. The medical providers at our safe and comfortable office give each patient a personalized treatment plan, including dosage adjustments, to ensure that the transition into recovery is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Substance Use Counseling


Medication-assisted treatment works to alleviate the chemical side of opioid addiction, allowing the patient to focus on further healing by engaging in forms of psychotherapy with qualified substance use counselors. At Chelmsford, we believe that this form of individualized mental health care for our patients is often essential to their success while in treatment. Giving patients access to speak to knowledgeable counselors can provide encouragement and insight into their treatment journey into recovery. Our location offers both individual and group substance use counseling to help patients find support and understanding amongst each other as they navigate their way through the process of overcoming substance use disorder.

Services at Chelmsford


All of our Middlesex Recovery locations are dedicated to offering substance use disorder treatment that promises patients 100% confidential and convenient recovery services for people from all walks of life who are looking to address opioid addiction. Using evidence-based methods, our locations that span from Massachusetts to New Hampshire are committed to providing the area the highest quality of care. Our goal is to help all enrolled patients find their way to long-term recovery from addiction using the highest care standards.