How to Throw a Sober Party

Many people seem to think that entering substance use disorder treatment will somehow end all of the “fun” in life. It couldn’t be further from the truth! When patients understand that substances create an artificial sense of entertainment most of their time under the influence, they realize what “fun” really means. Engaging in social events, especially early on in recovery, can be challenging, but coordinating gatherings can still be a fulfilling and eventful process, especially without the influence of mind-altering substances.

Curtail in Invite List

A “sober” party should have attendees who intend to remain substance-free throughout its duration. That requires a list of invitees of trusted recovery peers and loved ones who respect the recovery process. This is a good way for people in treatment to ease back into an active social life without the anxieties of having to confront people who bring drugs or alcohol to the party or show up intoxicated, making things uncomfortable for everyone and potentially triggering.  

Get into the Vibe

Setting the mood for a fun time includes planning, and party planning can be a ton of fun! Things don’t have to get too expensive, either. Some people may fear that a party won’t feel the same without substances around, but that simply won’t be the case if some unique and delicious foods and mocktails are served that will leave an impression! Getting creative with DIY décor and simple, affordable party favors from the dollar store can set the tone for a great event.

Choose the Right Time and Place

Nighttime parties can be triggering for some in recovery and bring back memories of substance use. Luckily, get-togethers don’t have to be held exclusively in the evening. Picnic parties during the way or beautiful and bountiful brunches (without the booze) are a refreshing way to spend the day. Guests will feel gratified once nighttime rolls around and everyone has maintained sobriety while their social batteries have been fully recharged.

Plan Activities

A party is always more fun when there’s some amusement. Depending on the crowd, setting up board games or simple things like Twister or bean bags can keep the guest’s energy high and ease any social anxiety jitters people may experience who are just starting to rebuild their social lives. Seasonal themes are always fun as well! Building snowmen or going sledding in the winter and gathering around a fire with some marshmallows and hot cocoa sound like an ideal winter festival for people of all ages.

Being in addiction recovery doesn’t mean socializing and having fun is out of the question. Plenty of Middlesex Recovery patients can enjoy fulfilling lives as they take guided steps in substance use disorder treatment with the guidance of a specialized medical provider. FDA-approved medication and substance use counseling are part of Middlesex Recovery’s treatment programs to ensure every patient has the greatest chance of rebuilding their life from addiction and improving their overall health. To learn more about Middlesex Recovery services, message or call a local outpatient office today.