Best Sober Activities Leading into Springtime

The holidays are over; the decorations have come down and are stored away as another festive, gift-giving, and celebrating season comes to a close. Particularly for folks in more northern states, the transitional period from winter to spring can feel drab with the lack of daylight, continued frigid temps, and the seemingly nothing to look forward to but the passing of time. These two or three months of expected boredom can cause some people to feel anxious or antsy, which can quickly spiral into negative thinking and vulnerability toward triggers, so loading up on pre-spring activities is a must! 

Get Growing

For people in northern states, this is the perfect time to prepare for the gardening season. A large plot of land isn’t needed to grow yummy and healthy vegetables and beautiful flowers, either! Plenty of people manage to produce a beautiful assortment right on their balconies or on a small strip of land in front of their doorsteps and even indoors. For first-time gardeners or those a bit more seasoned, choosing from a vast array of cultivars is only the beginning of the fun! Learning the needs of each plant and starting them from seed, and watching them grow into an entirely grown specimen is incredibly rewarding, not to mention the plentiful harvest!

Quick tips:

  • Those with limited space should look into dwarf varieties of vegetables and flowers, such as micro dwarf tomatoes that grow only a foot high!
  • Using affordable fabric grow pots are an excellent method for people with challenging soil or limited space. Hanging baskets and window boxes are also great options.
  • Joining a local seed swap or co-op is a great way to meet new people who enjoy this healthy hobby, and it’s also a perfect way to learn from experienced growers and get some free seeds.

Learn the Art of Baking

Now that the pandemic panic buying is over and prices of instant yeast and flour are back to normal, there’s no better time to learn how to bake something delicious from scratch. Unlike cooking, baking is a little more of a science that involves measurements, proper technique, and lots of patience! Once the learning curve is passed, baking bread or sweets for loved ones and friends will quickly become an exciting event, and book-marked recipes will pile up in no time.

Quick tips:

  • Bringing baked goods to group counseling sessions is a fast way to make friends!
  • YouTube is an invaluable resource when it comes to learning techniques for baking. It’s much easier to learn when watching someone fold dough or stir the perfect icing consistency.
  • Baking something delicious and hosting a small spring-themed luncheon is an uplifting way to socialize while showing off new culinary skills. 

The Purge

Although predictable, spring cleaning is best when done before spring arrives. No one wants to spend time indoors scrubbing and de-cluttering when the sun finally decides to show up, and the temps start warming up! Getting a head start on gathering old clothing, tools, supplies, and other items eligible for donation is the perfect way to start and will feel gratifying once completed.

Quick tips:

  • One room or target area of the living quarters at a time is plenty; not everything has to be done in a single day or week!
  • Planning an aesthetic change, like painting a wall or adding some floating shelves, is a great motivator and will refresh any space.
  • Ask for help! Having a family member or friend come by for more challenging projects is a great way to reconnect, and they can surely be repaid with delicious baked goods.

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