Suboxone® Treatment

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Suboxone® Treatment Programs

If you’re committed to recovery from an opioid use disorder, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) may be beneficial to you. Suboxone® is one type of medication used in treatment to help control withdrawal symptoms and ease recovery.

Turn to Middlesex Recovery when you need a Suboxone® doctor in Massachusetts or New Hampshire. Visit us for outpatient services at one of six locations. We’re here to help those with opioid use disorders on the journey toward recovery.

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What Is Suboxone® Medication?

Suboxone® works to counteract the pleasurable symptoms of opioid use. For that reason, it’s used as a prescription treatment for opioid use disorder with approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Opioids like heroin, morphine and prescription painkillers block pain receptors in the brain and trigger the release of endorphins. Suboxone® targets the same receptors to manage the physiological symptoms of withdrawal.

Suboxone® is composed of two medications — buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine interacts with opioid receptors to elicit relief from cravings. Naloxone is an opioid blocker that counteracts the effects opioids produce on the body.

Suboxone® is just one variety of medication used to treat opioid use disorders. Other medications used in treatment programs include Vivitrol®, an injectable medication consisting of naloxone.

Opioid Substance Use Treatment With Suboxone®

The Suboxone® treatment process varies, as it’s customized to each patient. The general treatment process includes the following steps:

  1. Induction phase: After a patient has abstained from opioids for 12 to 24 hours, the medication is administered during the early stages of opioid withdrawal.
  2. Stabilization phase: Once a patient has discontinued or significantly reduced opioid intake, the second stage begins. During this stage, medication dosages may be reduced to alternate days rather than daily.
  3. Maintenance phase: When patients are doing well, they continue to receive a steady dose of medication. This stage may end or could be indefinite, depending on the patient.

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Individualized Suboxone® Treatment

Middlesex Recovery serves patients in Massachusetts seeking a Suboxone® clinic. Our qualified doctors address individual patients’ needs by providing tailored medication-assisted treatment plans. We prescribe Suboxone® and other medication as needed.

Middlesex Recovery strives to provide the services each patient needs to attain successful recovery. These services include ongoing assessment, counseling and referrals for lab services.

Suboxone® Treatment Centers Near You

Middlesex Recovery provides confidential treatment options with six convenient locations to serve you. Outpatient substance use disorder treatment means you can continue meeting daily obligations like work or school while you pursue recovery. In addition to Suboxone® treatment, we offer MAT programs, counseling, regular assessments and other services to aid in overcoming addiction.

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Suboxone® treatment can be a powerful tool in recovery from substance use disorders. If you’re ready to seek help for opioid use disorder, the medical professionals at Middlesex Recovery are here to support you. We’ll provide a personalized recovery plan to suit your unique needs.

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