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Middlesex Recovery offers substance use disorder treatment programs for opioid and alcohol dependency. We understand that upon entering one of these programs you might be experiencing nervousness and uncertainty. Read more about each program and reach out to our knowledgeable team who are here to help, should you have any questions to help ease your concerns.

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There are many methods out there for addiction recovery to choose from, making people wonder why medication-assisted treatment (MAT) has been designated as the most reliable and trustworthy method. Tried and true for many years, MAT, which includes FDA approved medications and counseling for those struggling with opioid use disorder helps to lessen the painful symptoms associated from withdrawal, reducing cravings and assisting with relapse prevention.

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Our focus is on providing patients with comprehensive care and support as they seek recovery from opioids or alcohol. Our dedicated treatment staff, as well as on-site lab services, access to support groups and other resources providing the patient with the most convenient access to care.


Achieve Recovery From
Opioid Addiction Use Disorder

Middlesex Recovery provides comprehensive buprenorphine medications prescribed by a Provider and filled through your preferred pharmacy.

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Achieve Recovery From
Alcohol Addiction Use Disorder

Middlesex Recovery provides evidence-based treatment practices to combat alcohol misuse.

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