Best Ways to Honor National Recovery Month

Woman standing triumphantly on a mountain peak with arms extended, symbolizing the achievements of Recovery Month.

The 34th annual National Recovery Month kicked off on September 1, 2023. This observance isn’t just a mere event; it’s a beacon of hope and a time for reflection, gratitude and celebration. It’s dedicated to those who’ve faced the challenges of opioid use disorder or any other substance use disorder and emerged transformed by their recovery journey.

This month also recognizes millions dealing with other chronic health issues, such as mental illness and behavioral health disorders. With the right approach to treatment and prevention, there’s a promise of significant improvement.

The motto “Every Person. Every Family. Every Community.” from National Recovery Month reminds us that recovery’s impact is universal. Many individuals are navigating their path to recovery, often silently due to societal stigmas attached to addiction and mental health conditions.

To challenge and change this narrative, everyone in the recovery community is urged to actively honor September. By doing so, we can collectively amplify the importance of evidence-based treatment and recovery practices that have been life-changing for countless individuals across the nation.

A supportive group of four individuals share heartfelt hugs next to a dinner table, embodying gratitude and unity in their recovery journey.

Reach Out

In today’s world, where opioid and other substance misuse statistics are alarmingly high, it’s more likely than not that we all know someone touched by addiction. The lingering shadows of the COVID-19 pandemic have exacerbated feelings of isolation and disconnection for many.

Now, more than ever, a simple gesture like a text message, email or phone call can serve as a lifeline, reminding someone that they’re not alone in their struggle.

Celebrate Recovery Month

While September might not align with everyone’s personal milestones, it presents a universal opportunity for celebration. It’s a call to acknowledge the journey, the challenges overcome, and the brighter path ahead. Whether it’s a rejuvenating day in nature, a spa retreat, or just some quiet reflection, taking a moment to honor the continuous hard work of recovery can reinvigorate the spirit.

Three supportive friends fist tap in a greenhouse, smiling and radiating a 'we're here for you' vibe.

Promote Support

Social media has become an influential platform, and using it to champion National Recovery Month can spark meaningful conversations and connections. By sharing personal narratives of challenges, resilience and triumph, we can inspire others and chip away at the stigma surrounding treatment. For those looking to amplify their voice, the National Recovery Month toolkit is a treasure trove of resources.

Join or Host a National Recovery Month Community Event

The digital age has seen the recovery community flourish, with online platforms bridging geographical divides and fostering supportive networks. September is ripe for communal gatherings, be they virtual webinars or local community events. Such gatherings can be a blend of fun activities, powerful testimonials, and outreach initiatives, all aimed at reinforcing the message of hope and resilience.

Additionally, the National Recovery Month site offers event calendars, event ideas and customizable materials that groups can leverage to organize impactful local functions for their community.

Show Gratitude

The recovery journey is rarely walked alone. It’s paved with the support, patience, and love of those around us. National Recovery Month is an opportune moment to express heartfelt gratitude to these pillars of strength. Whether through a thoughtful gift, a heartfelt letter or just a few words of appreciation, acknowledging their unwavering support can fortify these essential bonds.

Volunteer Time

There’s a unique fulfillment in giving back, and September offers numerous avenues to do so. Volunteering for events, outreach programs or awareness campaigns can be both rewarding and enlightening. Collaborating with like-minded peers to drive a cause can foster a deep sense of community and shared purpose.

During Recovery Month, a group of four dedicated volunteers package food for a drive, exemplifying the community spirit and shared purpose of giving back and supporting those on their recovery journey.

Make a National Recovery Month Proclamation

Proclamations aren’t just formal declarations; they’re powerful statements of intent and support. In the context of National Recovery Month, they spotlight pressing issues, especially those surrounding the opioid epidemic. By making a proclamation, organizations and individuals can pledge their commitment to enhancing treatment access and raising awareness.


Everyone should internalize that National Recovery Month isn’t exclusive to those in opioid or other substance use disorder treatment. It’s a clarion call for collective action, reaching out to everyone impacted by conditions like addiction, mental illness and other related disorders. From family members to colleagues, everyone’s involvement is crucial in spreading awareness and highlighting the plethora of effective treatments available.

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