Why Having Sober Friendships is Important in Recovery

Sober Friendships in Recovery

Shared experiences tend to bring people together, especially something as impactful as overcoming addiction and the continued pursuit of long-lasting recovery. The friendships many patients form in recovery tend to be different from their relationships with others, even their family and loved ones. Maintaining this special kinship with fellow sober friends is vital for numerous reasons, and sometimes everyone needs a little reminder as to why.

Safe Fun

One of the biggest challenges people in recovery face is rebuilding their social lives to align with their goals for a future without substance misuse. Although friends and family may always have the best intentions, they may not understand that some social situations aren’t always ideal for recovery. Because potential triggers are ultimately lurking everywhere, some folks in recovery unintentionally isolate themselves for fear of hanging with the wrong crowd and being put in a situation where they may feel pressured or pushed to relapse. This is when sober friends come in handy! Especially around holidays when most people are overindulging with alcohol and other substances, getting together with people who understand the need for safe, sober fun can be a lifeline.

Sobriety Support

Addiction is a chronic disease that will affect some for the rest of their lives. Recovery is different for everyone, and while some may never feel tempted to use again, others may struggle with relapse in the future, making the illness more complicated than simply attending treatment. Having sobriety support just a phone call or message away is potentially life-saving for people who find themselves in a severe emotional battle with returning to substance misuse. Friends who understand addiction themselves are likely to offer wise words of wisdom that can stop stages of relapse in their tracks. Reaching out to someone who can empathize can also be easier since the fear of judgment and shame is lessened.


Some people are faced with overhauling their entire lives upon recovery to ensure the safety of their sobriety long-term. Making new friends as an adult who has undergone a profound transformation can be an incredible feat, especially when the idea of meeting new people appears intimidating. Sober friendships forged throughout the treatment process through support groups, counseling, and other recovery-related activities are typically fortified with experience, trust, and deep understanding. This level of companionship is essential for people looking to rebuild their social network, and sober friendships are likely to last a lifetime.

Middlesex Recovery offers outpatient addiction treatment in an office-based setting, making recovery convenient and accessible to people from all walks of life. Along with evidence-based mediation-assisted treatment, patients also have access to individual and group substance use counseling, helping create a supportive network of potential friendships. The specialized staff at Middlesex Recovery understands that overcoming substance use disorder requires a comprehensive approach, allowing patients to feel safe and comfortable in a professional medical setting and providing numerous community referrals to help them make the necessary changes they need to achieve long-lasting recovery. To learn more about Middlesex Recovery services, call or message the closest location today.