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Middlesex Recovery - Gloucester MA


Middlesex Recovery of Gloucester offers individualized treatment services for enrolled patients with opioid use disorder using evidence-based methods. The knowledgeable and experienced medical staff and providers at our facility recognize that addiction is a chronic condition. Those who are looking to take back control over their lives should be treated with respect and receive the most comprehensive care available. Our care team at Gloucester supports the use of MAT, or medication-assisted treatment using FDA-approved medicines along with substance use counseling, relapse prevention, and other services that ensure that each enrolled patient is given the absolute best chance at reaching long-term recovery.

Medication-Assisted Treatment in Massachusetts


Our Middlesex Recovery Gloucester location applies treatment strategies that have been proven to help people with opioid use disorder increase their chances of successfully reaching their goal of a life without opioid addiction. Outpatient MAT, or medication-assisted treatment, uses FDA-approved drugs such as buprenorphine to help relieve the effects of opioid withdrawal symptoms, making it easier for our patients to focus on their recovery. MAT has been proven as a safe and affordable treatment option that allows patients to go about their daily lives while receiving their daily dosage of medication with frequent visits to our conveniently located locations.

Substance Use Counseling


Addiction is a multi-faceted disease that requires a dimensional approach when treating. While MAT works to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and attends to the chemical side of addiction, substance use counseling at our facilities addresses the mental health aspect. It’s been shown that when patients regularly participate in individual and group therapy sessions, they’re better able to work on their coping mechanisms and find encouragement from speaking with knowledgeable substance use counselors and fellow patients in treatment seeking recovery. Creating such a support network for patients can be crucial to their chances of success and helps them on their road to healing.

Services at Gloucester


All of our Middlesex Recovery outpatient locations are dedicated to implementing 100% confidential and convenient services to patients from all different walks of life, particularly those who lead busy lives and are looking to treat substance use disorder while also tending to their recovery goals and responsibilities. By using best practice methods, we are committed to providing everyone who walks through our doors with the highest quality care possible. We truly believe that recovery is possible for everyone who enrolls in our outpatient treatment programs. Our compassionate medical staff and providers are prepared to help using tried and true treatment methods. The road to recovery from opioid use disorder is possible, and Middlesex Recovery Gloucester is ready to make it possible for those looking for help.