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Middlesex Recovery - Norton MA


Middlesex Recovery of Norton, Massachusetts, offers evidence-based treatment services for opioid use disorder using FDA-approved medications and other effective therapies to make recovery possible for all enrolled patients. Our compassionate and knowledgeable medical staff and providers are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care to make treatment a comfortable process in our safe and welcoming office. We recognize that substance use disorder is a chronic condition and believe that anyone struggling with an addiction deserves effective and quality care using individualized treatment plans that have been proven to help patients begin their journey towards recovery.

Medication-Assisted Treatment in Norton, MA


Opioid use disorder can be treated effectively using FDA-approved medications such as buprenorphine to help ease the often painful and prohibitive effects of opioid withdrawal. Each patient will receive a specific dosage of medicine that is prescribed and monitored by an experienced medical provider, giving patients a chance to focus on other aspects of healing in recovery. Our outpatient offices make this form of opioid use disorder treatment convenient for those with busy schedules and responsibilities, helping increase compliance with the program. The frequent visits to our office can also provide a necessary form of structure and routine and allows for consistent communication between medical staff and patients, ensuring all needs are met, and adjustments to medication dosage are made when needed.

Substance Use Counseling at Norton


Treatment for substance use disorder requires more than MAT to ensure patients have the best chance of achieving long-term recovery. Because addiction is such a complex disease, it can be most effectively addressed when medication is combined with forms of psychotherapy like substance use counseling. Knowledgeable substance use counselors can provide helpful insight to patients going through the treatment process while also motivating them to remain confident in their ability to reach their recovery goals. Group therapy sessions are also available at our location, giving fellow patients a safe space to discuss and share their experiences, hopes, and concerns with each other. Group sessions such as these can provide a vital support system for patients who may not have loved ones to reach out to for encouragement.

Services at Norton


All Middlesex Recovery locations are dedicated to providing 100% confidential and convenient outpatient treatment for opioid use disorder for all people who walk through our doors. The evidence-based methods used in our offices can help all patients looking to take back control over their lives from addiction. Our staff is committed to making the process as simple and easy as possible for patients, attending to each individual patient’s needs as they work towards life-long recovery and a life free from opioid addiction.