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Treating patients with respect, kindness, and equality.

Dedicated, personal treatment for those suffering from addiction.

Office Based Treatment with Suboxone®

For those suffering from addiction to opioids, the path to treatment and healing can seem daunting, or even impossible. At Middlesex Recovery, we serve people in all walks of life, and we believe that anyone can achieve genuine healing. We treat all our patients with the respect and equality they deserve.

Suboxone® is a medicine that can be taken regularly to relieve the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Suboxone® treatment is part of a comprehensive management program that helps patients suffering from addiction. Our providers provide safe and effective treatment at our locations in Woburn, Chelmsford, Gloucester, Stoughton, Norton MA and Salem NH.

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Addiction Recovery Services

In addition to Suboxone® medication, we offer complete programs to help people suffering from addiction. Our staff takes a holistic approach to addiction recovery, and we walk with our patients on the road to healing.

Medication Assisted Treatment Programs

Toxicology Testing

Recovery Support including Counseling Services