Recovery Can Be Fun

Reasons why Prioritizing Health in Recovery is Fun!

One of the best parts of the addiction recovery journey is improved overall wellness. Many people who have never struggled with a chronic disease like substance use disorder often take their health for granted, but those in treatment eagerly await the benefits of an enriched and rejuvenated lifestyle.

Sober activities are cool and great exercise: When addiction clouds the mind and causes the body to put forth all of its energy into acquiring and consuming substances, life becomes boring and sedentary. Without the need to seek a constant high or buzz, it leaves so much room for activities! Going for long walks, hikes, or bike rides becomes a daily occurrence as the inspiration to take on other athletic adventures grows.

Eating well feels great and heals the brain: Those who have been in the pits of addiction know that their bodies have been deprived of nutrition and wholesome foods for quite some time. A significant part of recovery is establishing a proper diet that includes essential vitamins and minerals to fuel the body and mind. There is a distinct connection between the gut and brain that works to help people function more effectively, and exploring new recipes and cuisines is the best part!

Self-care improves relationships: Many people in recovery are hopeful of rekindling and repairing relationships with loved ones who endured the ups and downs of their substance use disorder. People are often best suited to nurture these connections if they care for themselves and their health. Feeling unencumbered by the brain fog of addiction combined with improved nutrition and sleep habits can do wonders for someone’s overall energy and the “vibe” they give off to others around them.

Going outside is excellent for mental health: Fitness and wellness aren’t confined to the doors of a gym. Although fitness centers are great for daily workouts, it’s essential for people in recovery to get outside and into nature whenever possible. This can be a challenge for people in urban settings, but even spending some time in a local park throwing a ball around or doing yoga in the grass can immensely boost the immune system and improve overall mood.

Waking up with energy is motivating: Substance use disorder leaves people feeling worn out and exhausted all day, every day. That’s why life in recovery seems to have such a significant effect on so many people who take the first step towards recovery by seeking treatment. Many former patients report feeling renewed and having a new lease on life once they achieve maintenance through medication-assisted treatment.

There is life beyond addiction, and long-term recovery is attainable for those who seek effective, evidence-based treatment. Middlesex Recovery provides private, professional care for substance use disorder in an office-based setting with flexible scheduling. Specialized medical providers are committed to helping people overcome addiction and their health for a better tomorrow. To learn more about the treatment programs available at Middlesex Recovery, message or call the nearest location.