Simple Ways to Make Life in Recovery Easier

Everyone in addiction recovery can attest to the ups and downs of the healing journey. Rebuilding life after the perils of substance misuse and all of the chaos it entails takes determination and patience, but there are ways to stay the course that amplify the good days and make the bad days pass more quickly.

Make Health a Priority

Some people spend years grappling with heavy drug and alcohol misuse, neglecting their mental and physical health. Many don’t realize the joys of feeling well-rested and clear-headed until they enter treatment and their body begins the detoxification process as it repairs the damage of the substances that used to occupy the mind and body. It’s no wonder that so many in recovery become enthusiastic about their journey once they start noticing improvements in the way they look and feel and begin to focus on self-care, including exercise, grooming and proper nutrition, among many other things. Taking extra time to prioritize overall personal health is never a selfish act in recovery, and it serves as a motivational practice that is highly encouraged.

Try New Things

Finding comfort in small things is soothing for people learning to balance their new life in recovery, but that doesn’t mean life has to be dull, isolated and boring. Trying new things can seem scary sometimes, especially with the idea of triggers lurking in unfamiliar spaces, but this practice doesn’t have to be dramatic or extreme. Trying a new genre of literature or movies, different cuisine, physical activities and other small avenues of change can spark much-needed motivation and excitement without having to really step out on a ledge.

Enjoy Minimalist Living

Keeping up with consumerist culture can be exhausting at times, even stressful. The expectation to rebuild a new life with all the gadgets and fixings can put needless pressure on people on their recovery journey. This may be why so many find solace in living a minimalist lifestyle as they focus on their personal goals and excel in their new-found vigor without worrying about acquiring tons of personal possessions to keep up with current trends.

Seek Out Fulfilling Employment

For those reentering the workforce in recovery, returning to a career or profession that was once unfulfilling can uncover deeper reasons as to why they once used substances to deal with their dissatisfaction or unhappiness. Although making a drastic career change can feel daunting, it may be entirely necessary for successful long-term addiction recovery, and it’s the best time to make that switch.

Find a Creative Outlet

Not everyone has to be a world-class artist to enjoy creative hobbies. There are endless amounts of free online tutorials for everything from baking sourdough bread to patio gardening or building a coffee table from scrap lumber. There is something for everyone, and creative hobbies help rewire the brain from the damage often caused by heavy substance misuse while also providing a way to help pass the time when boredom sneaks in, potentially leading to cravings and negative thought patterns.

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