Tips for Building Structure in Life After Addiction

When addiction controls every aspect of existence, it’s impossible to maintain any form of healthy structure that promotes a productive lifestyle. Addiction recovery is the best time to build a much-needed balanced routine and organization to make every day a step closer to a future free of substance misuse and the struggles of untreated substance use disorder.

Getting started isn’t too complicated, either. There are several simple tips to follow to begin the self-structured journey.

Establish a New Normal

One of the most significant benefits of creating structure in recovery is the formation of new, healthy habits, but they won’t simply happen overnight. On average, it takes about 66 days to naturalize a new pattern into a part of their daily lives, so patience is vital. It will also take time to decide what elements should be part of a daily or weekly routine, making adjustment periods an expected part of the process.

Key components of achieving a balanced routine:

  • Creating attainable goals
  • Choosing activities and hobbies that engage the body and mind
  • Seeking advice from highly structured people
  • Focusing on progress rather than an “end goal”
  • Taking time to reevaluate
  • Prioritizing sobriety  

Avoid Boredom

Structure doesn’t mean a stale, boring routine that sucks the joy out of life! In fact, having a bit of structure in life can guarantee more time for enjoyable and entertaining hobbies. Many people struggle with procrastination, which can lead to an anxious type of boredom that exists primarily when putting off important things. This kind of “aimless” boredom can be especially problematic for those in recovery because it can open the door to urges and cravings and potentially relapse. Creating a balanced regimen will eliminate both a pile-up of essential things that are overdue and also a schedule that is too mundane and drawn out without room for activities and fun.

Tips for a bore-proof routine:

  • Rotate new hobbies and interests every month
  • Select certain days of the week for reoccurring chores
  • Allow for flexibility with scheduling not to miss exciting opportunities

Prioritize Self-care

While balancing hobbies and chores is a great way to go about maintaining structure, there needs to be time for self-care in any healthy lifestyle. This doesn’t only mean yoga classes or trips to the spa, however. Fine-tuning sobriety should always be at the forefront, including attending individual and group substance use counseling sessions and attention recovery-related seminars. The purpose of this isn’t to make one’s life entirely about substance use disorder but rather to keep the focus on whole-body health, which ultimately must involve staying up-to-date on current innovations in science for those with chronic illness.

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