When Should You Use Suboxone®?

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Suboxone® has become a very popular medicine for opioid addiction treatment, and it is used by an experienced Suboxone® doctor only. Whether you need Suboxone® or not should be decided by an experienced doctor who has years of knowledge in treating people with this approved medicine. Middlesex Recovery is a trusted opioid addiction treatment center and we have branches in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. If you want to consult with our doctors, visit our clinics and know more about the treatment.

A Suboxone® doctor always wants complete cooperation from patients. People must disclose everything about their past medications and their mental as well as physical health conditions. Hiding information from a doctor can make the situation worse. Our Suboxone® doctors ask a few questions about your health and wellness, and they will also want to know about the family health history to determine the right dose of Suboxone® for the treatment.

Suboxone® for certain situations:

Doctors first understand the situation and then prescribe the medicine. People struggling with opioid addiction are given Suboxone® to feel calm and relaxed during the treatment. Suboxone® contains Buprenorphine which is a partial opioid agonist. Buprenorphine attaches to the receptor sites just like the full opioids do. But, the intensity of this partial opioid agonist is much lower than full opioids like heroin. Buprenorphine does not cause any euphoric condition.

Let your suboxone doctor decide the right dose for your treatment. If you are prescribed this addiction treatment drug, you must follow the prescriptions. Abusing the medicine can cause serious health issues.

Suboxone® is not the right medicine in some situations:

An experienced doctor will not prescribe suboxone if you are not dependent on opioids. Suboxone® can only be prescribed by certified doctors who have earned training for prescribing the drug. If a patient has suicidal thoughts, Suboxone® is not the right choice for him/her. Patients with underlying mental health conditions are not given this drug for the treatment.

A doctor analyzes many things before prescribing medicine. Pregnant women should not be prescribed this drug. Those who are addicted to alcohol cannot use Suboxone®. Our doctors will ask you whether you have an adverse experience with Suboxone® in the past. This is an important detail and patients should not hide anything from doctors.

Suboxone® is not the right choice if a patient has abused Suboxone® in the past. In certain medical conditions, this drug will not be prescribed to avoid an adverse situation.

What you should do?

You can make the treatment most effective for your health by honestly opening up your health conditions to a Suboxone® doctor. Disclose everything about your physical and psychological health conditions. Since suboxone can adversely interact with certain medicines, you must follow your doctor’s advice while taking the medicine.

A doctor must be aware of your recent opioid use so that the doctor prescribes the right medicine for you. Middlesex Recovery pays attention to your safe use of suboxone medicine. Our doctors will get a clear understanding of your health conditions, and then they will prescribe the right treatment for you. Visit our branch in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and consult with our doctors.

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