Important Benefits of Group Substance Use Counseling

Comprehensive and effective medication-assisted treatment involves FDA-approved medicine in combination with expertly guided substance use counseling. By treating the whole patient, these treatment programs address the physical and mental aspects of addiction to give each patient the optimal chances of long-lasting recovery.

Substance Use Counseling

When someone with substance use disorder takes the step to get help and enters treatment, they can experience feelings of insecurity, fear, and isolation due to leaving their previous life of drug use and related social circles behind. Many people who struggle with addiction also have undiagnosed mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more.

Speaking with a specialized counselor that understands the complexity of substance use disorder helps patients build valuable tools for their recovery journey. Weekly individual sessions can help patients prevent relapse while better understanding the root causes of their drug misuse and addressing unresolved trauma.

Group Sessions

Along with regular individual substance use counseling, group sessions can become a vital resource for patients in recovery.

  • Support network: Group work can help people in treatment build support networks of like-minded peers who understand the unique challenges of balancing life in recovery. Although support from family and friends is also vital, they may not be able to empathize with certain things regarding addiction. People who are going through similar experiences together tend to have a better understanding of the process.

  • New perspectives: Substance use counselors and fellow patients in group counseling can provide fresh ideas and points of view essential to recovery progress. Engaging in discussion and exchanging thoughts and critique can broaden horizons while also helping spark self-reflection and discovery.

  • Communication skills: When in recovery, many people struggle discussing their experience with addiction when approached by friends, family, and acquaintances due to shame, guilt, or feeling uncomfortable with sharing details. Group sessions allow patients to develop a social skill set and confidence to tell their story in their own voice and narrative however they want it to be heard.

  • Safe space: People in recovery are often reluctant to make new friends due to fears of triggers or lack of self-assurance, among other things. Group substance use counseling sessions are an excellent way for patients to meet and congregate socially in a safe place free of substances and the unknown. These safe spaces also provide a safety net for those who struggle with social anxiety, allowing them to opt-out of certain discussions while also helping them develop social stamina with exposure to small groups.

Middlesex Recovery office-based outpatient treatment programs offer a private and convenient way for people to treat substance use disorder. With a specialized staff including intake coordinators, nurses, medical providers, and substance use counselors, each patient’s comfort and satisfaction are prioritized.

Individual and group substance use counseling sessions are held in-house or through referral based on Middlesex Recovery location. Message or call us today to learn more about our treatment programs and counseling services.