Opioid Treatment During The Pandemic

COVID-19 outbreak causes fear and stress in people, and the pandemic badly affects people who are struggling with opioid addiction. Even the data shows that those who are improving in the recovery phase also experience relapse due to the stress caused by the pandemic. Middlesex Recovery is one of the trusted rehab clinic that continue to serve people even in this odd situation. If you find difficulties in accessing your addiction treatment, you can visit our clinic anytime you want. We are one of the coveted Suboxone® clinics in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We are always ready for your help.

Opioid addiction is a brain’s disease, and only medicine cannot bring the needed relief to patients. Counselling and behavioral therapies are also required to achieve the best result for people struggling with addictions. But, the pandemic disturbs the treatment and causes fear in people. This makes the situation worse, and many people succumb to this worse condition. To help people, our Suboxone® doctors dedicatedly work to make people calm during this situation.

Many factors contribute to making the opioid addiction treatment difficult in the COVID-19 outbreak. We understand that the positive results that we are receiving are reversing because patients are unable to handle the stress. This challenging situation makes us stronger and allows us to introduce changes in the treatment so that patients can continue their recovery process.

Visit our Suboxone® clinic in MA and NH and consult with our experienced Suboxone® doctors for your treatment. Our doctors share their views of the situation, and they also discuss the reasons what make opioid addiction treatment challenging.

Increased stress and fear:

Our doctors are worried about the increase in stress and fear in people’s minds. Even patients who show improvements in the treatment also give up to this difficult situation. Addiction disturbs the emotional states, and people are unable to control their cravings. Our doctors are offering the right treatment to patients, analyzing the right dose of medicines that give patients the maximum benefits. Consult with a Suboxone® clinic near you in NH and continue your treatment. Don’t stop your treatment suddenly.


Isolation is another factor that puts patients in danger. People struggling with addiction always need community support, but the isolation measure to protect people from the virus impact wrongly to patients’ health, causing various mental issues that obstruct the treatment.

To combat this situation, patients are requested to join the online support group. It erases social isolation-related health issues to some extent.

The use of illicit fentanyl:

This is another factor that increases obstacles for your opioid addiction treatment. Unable to manage stress, people turn to illicit drug use. Since prescription opioids are not available easily, they start using street drug heroin, leading to increased cases of opioid addictions. Fentanyl is one of the dangerous drugs, 50 times more potent than heroin. This also increases overdose-related death.

How to help patients in this pandemic:

Many health care centers have changed their treatment process to help patients in accessing the medicines and doctors’ consultation. Middlesex Recovery is always with the patients, and we offer treatment plans that help patients easily maintain recovery plans.

Patients with the Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) are prescribed advance take-home medicines to ensure that they can continue their medications without the requirement of visiting the clinic daily for the opioid addiction treatment. But, patients requested to follow the prescription to avoid the dangerous consequences of overdose.

Middlesex Recovery plays an important role in keeping society addiction free. If you want to consult with our Suboxone® doctors, please visit our clinics located in MA and NH. We are always ready to help you.

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