Spring Cleaning for Recovery

Spring Cleaning for Recovery

Springtime is a transformational season, especially for those in upper North American states that endure lengthy and harsh winters. As the snowfall gives way to spring showers and the budding trees come back to life, there’s a unique sense of renewal in the air that can spark motivation and hope. For many people in recovery, it’s also an inspiring time after dealing with the winter blues for months, sometimes called seasonal affective disorder. Although the idea of spring cleaning isn’t always a seemingly fun project to look forward to in a literal sense, doing some recovery maintenance can be vital for long-term success.

Routine Revamp

There’s nothing more those in recovery appreciate early on than a stable and steady routine in life. Untreated addiction can cause so much chaos and disorder, even for the most functional drug users, making an established daily routine a welcomed part of early treatment programs. Still, a stale routine can become tiresome and cause complacency. If new elements aren’t added boredom can quickly turn into a relapse threat. Changes should be taken on slowly to avoid stress, but something as small as frequenting different coffee shops or grocery stores can spice up even the most mundane weekly errands.

New Adventures

People in recovery can often feel intimidated by the idea of stepping out of their comfort zones because it’s where they feel safest and protected from lurking triggers. Exploring new activities such as exercise classes, hobby workshops, or personal DIY projects can add just enough excitement for the new season to keep things interesting. However, personal growth is essential to building recovery strength with time, which means stepping out into the unknown occasionally and within reason. Those looking to implement new interests should take advantage of their recovery community contacts who can make recommendations while also helping ease any trepidation or fears.

Optimized Self Care

Taking on a diet and workout routine can seem overwhelming, but improving personal health is crucial to long-lasting recovery; like with recent New Year’s resolutions, an overhaul approach where big changes are expected overnight often leads to frustration and forfeit. A better method is to seek out the help of certified professionals, particularly those who have experience with addiction recovery. Nutritionists and trainers understand the importance of a balanced diet and physical activity as the body heals from substance misuse. Applying the right kind of workout and meal plan can make all the difference. Substance use counselors and medical providers are happy to give referrals to patients seeking guidance.

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