Brian O’Connor, MD

Brian W. O’Connor, MD, is a graduate of Boston College and Georgetown University. 

Dr. O’Connor began practicing medicine in private practice in 1991. He began his career in obstetrics and gynecology and spent 20 years caring for patients in Melrose, MA. Dr. O’Connor began to explore addiction medicine in 2005, due to having an adult child that was struggling with substance use disorder. Additionally, Dr. O’Connor began to see a surge of pregnant women afflicted with substance use disorder presenting to his office unable to access the proper treatment.

Dr. O’Connor initially treated only pregnant patients. In conjunction with the growing opioid epidemic, Dr. O’Connor founded his addiction medicine practice, Middlesex Recovery, in June of 2010. Dr. O’Connor now specializes in the care of opioid dependence. Dr. O’Connor’s interests also include alcohol misuse disorders, underserved populations, and the corrections community.

Dr. O’Connor is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, and addiction medicine.

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