The Harm of “Trendy” Intoxication

two men outside of tatoo shop

Historically, people drank alcohol and used drugs in areas that were traditionally known for those things, such as bars, nightclubs, and places that were regarded as “seedy” or generally undesirable. However, this attitude began waning about a decade ago, after pop culture gave birth to the rise of using substances recreationally while participating in seemingly any kind of life activity or hobby.

Examples of trendy substance use can still be found virtually everywhere, most notably, drinking wine while doing everything from yoga, painting class, and even working or tending to family obligations and children. It doesn’t stop at alcohol consumption either; the popularity of the recreational use of cannabis and hallucinogens has opened up many avenues for people to plan “high and trip-friendly” ventures that otherwise seem like enjoyable experiences without any kind of psychoactive stimulation.

How and Why is this Trend Popular?

There are many reasons people seek out substances that will alter their state while engaging in social behaviors, even at home. Many individuals feel that using drugs and alcohol can help ease their social anxiety or amplify their enjoyment, potentially leading to a dark spiral toward addiction. Other times, it’s used as a social lubricant of sorts, something that people can enjoy periodically. However, repeated practice can still manipulate the brain’s reward center to associate misusing substances with having a good time.

Businesses saw an opportunity with the trend of decreased stigma around drinking and consuming drugs to create atmospheres where people could take these activities further in controlled spaces, for a price, of course. Many attempted to hone in on a more casual and relaxed setting compared to noisy bars, making casual intoxication appear “classy” and attracting people seeking a posh environment to consume drugs and alcohol. While some people are able to enjoy these activities without becoming reliant on intoxication to have fun, others become prone to incorporating casual substance use outside of these social gatherings, even when at home while doing chores or attending functions where being under the influence is inappropriate.

Having Fun without the Buzz

More than ever, people are under immense pressure in their day-to-day lives with many socioeconomic concerns. It seems like everyone longs for a way to blow off some steam and forget their troubles, making casual intoxication particularly enticing. Despite the allure and popularity of numbing stress with substances, this practice should be kept to a minimum to avoid a slippery slope into dependency. Enjoying relaxation without clouding the mind is proven to help ease stress much more than when using substances like alcohol, which can actually exacerbate anxiety.

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