Tips for Handling Questions about Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

Three people sitting in the woods

People enrolled in addiction treatment will come across inquiring minds about their condition and progress in recovery. Most often, the people asking questions are well-meaning and show genuine concern for the well-being of the person working towards healing. However, there are some questions and specific circumstances where patients shouldn’t feel pressured to give direct answers, especially when they don’t feel ready. Preparing for questions can make it easier for those in recovery to engage in social activities as they rebuild their bonds and relationships without the anxiety of having to give answers on the spot.




Assess the Relationship

Even when getting to know new people, the topic of addiction and recovery may come up quickly and unexpectedly. It’s important to gauge the importance and closeness, and value of the relationship before any deeper information is revealed or discussed. Trusted family members and long-term friends are likely to be safe people to discuss progress with more than casual acquaintances or co-workers. Being choosey about who learns the details of the treatment and recovery process can prevent the after-effects of “oversharing” and the feeling of disclosing too much information later on.

Declining Discussion

No one is privy to getting answers about another person’s health issues, especially with a disease like addiction that still holds a lot of social stigma. Patients in recovery are encouraged to prepare themselves to decline answering details about their treatment and recovery when they feel uncomfortable. This is an act of self-preservation and a way to overcome social anxiety as they reenter and rebuild their social lives.


Patients who prepare to give answers to uncomfortable questions with confidence and minimal hesitation will often successfully avoid more follow-up inquiries. Most people will be able to “take a hint” when the reply is not open-ended. Practicing self-affirmation can make this feel more natural and help build self-esteem as well.

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